How to Sell Your Artwork Online

The art world can be tough to break into. Even highly talented artists often struggle to find an audience and market their work so that they can make a living off their passion. However, ecommerce is lowering the barriers to entry and making it easier for aspiring professional artists to sell their creations online. If […]

How Do I Sell My TV Online?

So, you’ve finally upgraded your old TV! Or maybe you’re just trying to free up some space. Either way, you’re now faced with the old dilemma that always goes hand in hand with upgraded technology or spring cleanings: dealing with the old stuff. You may find yourself asking, Can I sell my TV online? Well, […]

How to Buy Variable Resistance Bands

Nowadays, there is a lot more to at-home exercising than dumbbells and step blocks. Now, we have kettle balls, Bowflex machines, abdominal machines… The list goes on and on and if you’re not careful, you could end up spending more money than you intended. The best solution? Instead of investing in separate equipment for each […]

5 Ways to Expand Your Online Store’s Reach

With countless online stores constantly vying for consumers’ attention, it’s becoming more and more important for up-and-coming online retailers to find ways to make themselves stand out. Assuming your online store is selling high quality, market-pleasing products, the next thing you have to do is capture the eyes of buyers. Grabbing customers’ attention is both […]

3 Easy Things to Make to Sell

Selling crafts online is a great way to go about making some extra cash. For folks who already have a little creative knack—say, knitting scarves or blowing glass—this is a pretty easy game to get into. On the other hand, those of us who can neither knit nor blow glass may need a little extra […]

How Brides Can Sell Wedding Stuff Online

With the average cost of an American wedding hovering right around $30,000, it’s not surprising that many practical brides decide to sell some of their accessories, décor, or even dresses online after the big day. When you sell wedding stuff through an online marketplace like SheepBuy, you can recoup some of your expenses, keep your […]

How to Successfully Buy Used Stuff Online

Do you want to save more of your hard-earned money? Are you interested in keeping the landfills clean and taking care of the Earth? Is it just more fun to own something secondhand and imagine the story behind it? Whatever your reasons for wanting to buy used stuff online, it’s a great time to do […]

How to Sell Candy Online

You don’t have to own an enormous, Willy Wonka-esque candy factory to get into the business of selling sweets. Thanks to online marketplaces like Sheepbuy, you can set up shop in the comfort of your own home and soon have your own ecommerce candy store off the ground. Here’s what you need to do. Choose […]

What Can I Sell? 5 Questions to Help You Brainstorm Ideas

Coming up with a good idea is often the most difficult when you have limitless options, and when it comes to selling items online, your choices are endless. Although it might be tempting to say you’ll figure out your product line as you’re going along, you shouldn’t start an online store without a good idea […]

How to Determine Your Target Market Online

Before you start selling retail products online, you have to know who you’re trying to sell to. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting advertising dollars as you market yourself blindly to people who have very little interest in what you’re selling. So, how do you determine your target market online? Forget the old rules. Traditionally, demographics […]