How to Develop Your Online Retail Strategy

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The term “online retail strategy” probably seems vast and unwieldy because it can encompass so many things. What product should you sell? Who should you sell to? How do you reach them? But when thinking about how to develop your online retail strategy, there are really just basic main principles to remember. Focus on your […]

Top 10 Products to Sell Online

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If someone were to ask you what sells the best online, you’d probably say something like electronics or books. But while those products do extremely well over the internet, neither is number one. Statisticbrain frequently puts out a list of the top-selling web items, so read on to learn what the top 10 products to […]

Things to Think About Before Starting an Online Store

With online retail sales in the U.S. expected to grow to just shy of $280 billion by 2015, more and more people every day decide to try to get a slice of that pie. Whether you’re an existing business with a brick and mortar location or an entrepreneur wisely focusing on online first, there are […]

5 Awesome Ways to Work from Home

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Most people don’t particularly like the idea of having to wake up at a specific time and drive to their workplace every morning, but they’re not sure what other option they have. After all, you can’t survive without making money, and that means holding down a job. Generally speaking, having a job means having a […]

How to Get Rid of Old Electronics

How to Get Rid of Old Electronics

Not too many decades ago, when people bought electronic devices, they expected them to last. Sure, many people still hold on to big ticket items like TVs, refrigerators, washers and dryers for a decade or more, but most of us are upgrading faster and faster. Computers are often obsolete after three years, video game systems […]

5 Things You Need to Do Before Selling Your Computer Online

Selling your computer online

Selling your computer online when it becomes obsolete can be a great way to keep your home free of clutter and get a few bucks back while doing it. But it’s not as simple as just listing it and waiting for the offers to come in. Before you even do that, there are five things […]

How to Successfully Sell Used Stuff Online

sell used stuff online

If you’ve ever watched Cash in the Attic on HGTV, you know that lots of people have a surprising amount of old stuff  they can sell and make money from. In fact, Tim Luke, one of the show’s stars, says he’s convinced the average American household has anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000 hanging around their […]

5 Tips for Finding a Product to Sell

finding a product to sell

With an international customer base and comparatively low overhead, most people know that the internet is a great place to start selling products and making money. But before you throw your hat into the ring, it’s important that you think about a few things, such as your business model, the time you want to devote […]

What You Need to Start Selling Online from Home

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The great thing about selling online from home through SheepBuy is that there’s very little overhead: you don’t have to rent a space, perform routine maintenance, or hire employees. You can get started with just a computer and an internet connection. Of course, if you want your online business to grow, there are a few […]

How to Make Money with Spring Cleaning

Make money with spring cleaning

It’s time to start cleaning your closets again, and you can turn your clutter into cash with the right plan! Here are a few tips on how to make the most money with spring cleaning. Do price research on high-value items. If you spent a lot of money on something, you can expect to earn […]