How Brides Can Sell Wedding Stuff Online

Place settings and decorations at a wedding

Consider selling tableware, decorations, and more to recoup costs after your wedding.

With the average cost of an American wedding hovering right around $30,000, it’s not surprising that many practical brides decide to sell some of their accessories, décor, or even dresses online after the big day. When you sell wedding stuff through an online marketplace like SheepBuy, you can recoup some of your expenses, keep your home from getting cluttered, and maybe even splurge a little more on your honeymoon.

If you’re interested in selling any of your wedding supplies, keep these tips in mind.

Post pictures. Online shopping is all about ease, and buyers are used to being able to see pictures of items next to a product listing, rather than having to go through the trouble of emailing the seller and requesting images. If you’re selling your wedding dress, include images from different angles and share close-ups of any intricate or unique details.

Get detailed—and creative—with product descriptions. If you’re selling your dress or other clothing items, include the designer, style number, and size. Listing your actual measurements and height can also help future brides figure out if the dress will fit them, making it more likely that someone will buy it. When it comes to selling accessories and décor, more details will also add to the appeal: for example, “vintage mahogany postcard box with gold latch” sounds better than “postcard box for sale.”

Be up front about your price. Do some online research to determine the going rate for similar items, then post your own asking price. Being vague and asking potential buyers to make you an offer can be discouraging to online shoppers… or it can backfire on you and result in lowball offers.

Break up sets. If you had a large wedding and are now trying to sell, say, 200 chairs or champagne flutes, many potential buyers are going to be scared away if their only option is to buy in bulk. Instead, give shoppers the option to purchase smaller sets. Selling these smaller sets to different buyers may actually end up being faster than waiting for someone who is willing to buy one giant set.

The sooner you sell, the better. Wedding items that may be trending now might not be as popular in a couple years or even six months from now, so if you’re serious about selling your wedding stuff, make it a priority. Once your items have sold and you’ve collected your payment, you and your new spouse can decide how you want to enjoy the money.