Gardening Retailers: What You Need to Know about Selling Online

Gardeners are getting tech-savvy, and more and more shoppers are turning to online retailers for their gardening supplies. If you own a brick-and-mortar gardening center, it may be time to expand into the ecommerce world, and if you’re a budding entrepreneur who has an interest in horticulture, now is the time to jump into online […]

Customers’ Buying Decisions and the Brain

Young woman is window shopping

As much as we’d like to think that we’re rational decision-makers, emotion plays a huge role in how we decide things (especially when that decision is related to buying). On a rational level, we might recognize that Oreos have the exact same ingredients as the cheaper store brand of sandwich cookies, but we associate Oreos […]

How to Sell Tickets Online

Maybe your friend bailed at the last minute. Or maybe you called into a radio show thinking you were phoning for tickets to the Fleetwood Mac reunion tour but wound up with Justin Bieber tickets instead. Either way, you have some tickets you need to get rid of—fast. Before you go cursing your flakey friend […]

UPC, ISBN, and Other Identifiers You Need to Know When Selling Online

While it’s not impossible for someone to start selling online without using any product identification codes, most ecommerce vendors will probably require them eventually, and everyone with an online store should at least know about them. What exactly are “product identification codes”? There are several different kinds that exist. Some, like UPCs, are familiar to […]

Top Considerations When Selling Food Online

If you’ve always dreamed of starting your own food business but lack the storefront, selling food online may just be the perfect solution. You’ll get to do what you love while setting your own hours and saving money on labor and overhead—what’s not to like? Of course, starting an online food business isn’t as easy […]