How to Sell Your Clothes Online

how to sell your clothes online

Learn how to sell your clothes online to earn more money. (Photo Credit: VagabondBlogger)

Ready to clean out your closet? Before you head to your local consignment shop, you may want to learn how to sell your clothes online. You’ll reach a wider audience, which can mean earning more money for your clothes.

So how do you increase your chances of getting a good price? Here are a few tips:

Keep them in good condition. It’s probably not a surprise that clothes tend to sell better when they are clean and in like-new condition. Before taking photos for your listing, take the time to launder them and even iron them if necessary.

Consider the season. You’ll have a harder time selling bathing suits in the winter and coats in the summer. Wait until it’s the right season to post the clothes online.

Stay trendy. Clothes that are in fashion are also more likely to sell – and at higher prices. Don’t wait years to clean out your closet. Instead do it regularly to ensure the clothes you sell are more relevant to potential buyers.

Take several photos. At minimum, you want to take shots of the front and back of each item. Make sure the images are high resolution and clear, taken against a neutral and uncluttered background.

Be descriptive. There are certain things that can be hard to see, even in a great photo, such as the type of fabric or the fit.  Take the time to write up detailed information about each item.

Select the higher quality items. Don’t have time to take these steps for each item you plan to give up from your wardrobe? You’re better off taking more time to really describe and properly photograph items that are higher value, such as brand name items or those made from high quality or expensive fabrics.

Now that you know how to sell your clothes online, you just need to select which items you’re willing to part with! Consider how often you really wear each item of clothing. If you didn’t wear it the last time it was in season, maybe it’s time to put it up for sale.