How to Sell Tickets Online

Two tickets for sale

Selling tickets to an upcoming event is obviously time-sensitive, so follow these tips in order to make the sale quickly.

Maybe your friend bailed at the last minute. Or maybe you called into a radio show thinking you were phoning for tickets to the Fleetwood Mac reunion tour but wound up with Justin Bieber tickets instead. Either way, you have some tickets you need to get rid of—fast. Before you go cursing your flakey friend or bemoaning your ill fortune for having been so close (yet so far) from Fleetwood Mac, you should know it’s actually really easy to sell tickets online.  Just keep in mind these simple tips:

Recognize that you probably won’t make back what you spent. If you’re looking to sell tickets online because you find yourself in a jam at the last minute, you might have to settle for letting them go at a price cheaper than what you originally paid. But hey, it’s always better to be out $20 than $100!

Understand that you’re working with a tight turnaround. Since tickets are often only good for one event on one day, it’s imperative that your buyer receives them on time. When a buyer is confirmed, don’t waste any time getting those tickets in the mail. Otherwise, you’ll still be out some cash and you’ll have an angry buyer hounding you.

Add photos. We have to mention this one since it’s imperative for any internet listing. Pictures are necessary for credibility and proof that your promised product actually exists. In this case, make sure that all the details on the ticket (e.g., the date, venue, and seat number) are visible in the picture.

Include all necessary info (and be honest!). When you sell tickets online, make sure to include all necessary event information in the item description. Dates, times, and venues are no-brainers, but don’t forget details like seat numbers or group numbers. It will also help to include a link to the event website in your description along with an image of (or a link to) the venue’s seating chart if there is one.

Sell from a reliable platform, like SheepBuy. A secure platform is critical for any successful online commerce. Make sure the platform you choose is safe and reliable, be sure you understand the website’s payment policies, and figure out whether or not the site will take a cut of your sales.

If you find yourself in a jam with extra tickets to any event, selling your tickets online is a great way to get them off your hands and make some of your money back.