How to Market Online to Millennials

Millennial couple shops online

So, you’re looking to hook a millennial? Trying to tap into that fount of carefree Wild West of buying potential that is Generation Y? We don’t blame you. For many online businesses, those Gen Yers have become the market to target. Here are some tips for targeting your Internet marketing to the treasure trove that […]

Customers’ Buying Decisions and the Brain

Young woman is window shopping

As much as we’d like to think that we’re rational decision-makers, emotion plays a huge role in how we decide things (especially when that decision is related to buying). On a rational level, we might recognize that Oreos have the exact same ingredients as the cheaper store brand of sandwich cookies, but we associate Oreos […]

5 Ways to Expand Your Online Store’s Reach

With countless online stores constantly vying for consumers’ attention, it’s becoming more and more important for up-and-coming online retailers to find ways to make themselves stand out. Assuming your online store is selling high quality, market-pleasing products, the next thing you have to do is capture the eyes of buyers. Grabbing customers’ attention is both […]

The 6 Shopping Personality Types

silhouettes of shoppers

Whether you’re selling or buying on SheepBuy, it can pay to take a moment to consider the 6 different personality types for shoppers. As a buyer, it can help you determine your own pattern and enable you to make smarter shopping decisions. As a seller, it can help you better meet buyers’ needs and habits […]