Tips for Selling Shoes on the Internet

With women’s clothing being one of the top selling categories for online merchandise, selling shoes on the internet seems like a logical next choice. It’s also an area that hasn’t become as flooded with competitors as women’s apparel in general, so if you’re thinking of setting up a shop that focuses on shoes, now is […]

Tips for Selling Jewelry Online

It seems that there are more options than ever before for people looking to get rid of unwanted jewelry—pawnshops, mall kiosks, mail-away options, and of course ubiquitous “Cash for Gold” stores. Despite the constant radio ads, sign-spinning teenagers on street corners dressed up as golden nuggets, and banners in windows, the the “Cash for Gold” […]

How to Sell Tickets Online

Maybe your friend bailed at the last minute. Or maybe you called into a radio show thinking you were phoning for tickets to the Fleetwood Mac reunion tour but wound up with Justin Bieber tickets instead. Either way, you have some tickets you need to get rid of—fast. Before you go cursing your flakey friend […]