Tips for Selling Jewelry Online

elaborate homemade necklace

Sell homemade necklaces and other jewelry online by following these tips.

It seems that there are more options than ever before for people looking to get rid of unwanted jewelry—pawnshops, mall kiosks, mail-away options, and of course ubiquitous “Cash for Gold” stores. Despite the constant radio ads, sign-spinning teenagers on street corners dressed up as golden nuggets, and banners in windows, the the “Cash for Gold” route may not be your best option (if you can believe it).

In fact, if you’re trying to get rid of some old jewelry that you have lying around, your best bet may just be the tried-and-true method of selling jewelry online.

Here are some tips for selling jewelry online:

Make sure you’re ready. The great thing about selling jewelry online is that there’s always someone out there who is willing to buy it. There’s even someone out there willing to buy your great aunt Sally’s old unicorn brooch that’s the size of a baby’s head. This can be great. But it can also be a little difficult, especially when it comes to sentimental clutter. Even though it’s hideous, are you really ready to part with that horrific baby’s-head-sized brooch? Wasn’t that the brooch she was wearing when she fed you cake after your 5th grade graduation? Since being plagued by a guilty conscience probably isn’t worth the few extra bucks, make sure you’re ready to part with your jewelry before you make any moves.

Gather information. Make sure you know all about the piece you’re selling. There are plenty of websites and stores out there that can help you determine the value of your jewelry. If you’re dealing with expensive or very high-quality items, it might also help to have your piece appraised and authenticated by a professional. Having all of this information will be beneficial in a number of ways: it will lure buyers, increase your credibility, and will help to ensure that you’re getting the money that you deserve.

Include quality photos in your listing. As usual, this is an important one. When it comes to selling jewelry online, including high-quality photos of your items is absolutely essential. It would even benefit you to go the extra mile by playing with the lighting and backdrops and hosting a full-on photo shoot for your items. If you’re selling gemstones, make sure they gleam! Maybe even consider borrowing a friend’s camera if you have to. The better the image quality, the more impressed buyers will be and the more likely you are to sell your item for a satisfying price.

Despite all the other options out there, selling jewelry online is still one of the best ways turn your old accessories into cash. With some persistence (and enticing photos), you’ll be de-cluttering your jewelry drawer and raking in some extra cash before you know it.