Top 10 Products to Sell Online

Women's Apparel_Top 10 Products to Sell Online_Photo Credit SarahC20083

Women’s Apparel is first on the list of top 10 products to sell online. (CC) Photo Credit SarahC20083

If someone were to ask you what sells the best online, you’d probably say something like electronics or books. But while those products do extremely well over the internet, neither is number one. Statisticbrain frequently puts out a list of the top-selling web items, so read on to learn what the top 10 products to sell online were as of January of this year.

10. Music. The music industry as a whole might still be in turmoil largely because of the availability of music online, but that doesn’t mean that a whole lot of people aren’t buying it through their computers. When you think about services like iTunes, this really isn’t that big of a surprise.

9. Consumer Electronics. TVs, DVD and Blu-Ray players, iPods – the web can be a great place to find a good deal on many common consumer electronic products, and lots of people have taken notice.

8. Health and Beauty. From herbal supplements and makeup to toothpaste and deodorant, health and beauty products do big business online.

7. Video DVDs. We might be headed to a world where things like movies are all purchased and “owned” simply as digital files, but way too many of us like owning hard copies for that to happen any time soon.

6. Toys and Video Games. If you have the choice of buying a toy or video game at a regular store or looking online and saving money, what are you going to do? Unless you need it right then, chances are good that you’re going to go for the option that costs less.

5. Apparel. Clothing might be one of those things you’d think most people would want to buy at a regular store so that they can try it on first, but more and more people are turning to the web when they shop for apparel.

4. Computer Software. No surprise here. If you’re going to look for computer software, why not use your computer to do it? This is one that may continue to trend upward as more and more pieces of software are offered digitally so that people can buy them from home and receive instant gratification.

3. Computer Hardware. Much like computer software, computer hardware is something that no one should be surprised to see toward the top of this list. Many people have even made a killing selling or buying used computer hardware online.

2. Books. It makes so much sense that books would be high on this list. They’re relatively cheap, and unless you’re buying used, you don’t have to worry about them being “defective” or otherwise having a problem with the product. And even with used books, there are all kinds of ways to ensure that what you’re getting is good quality.

1. Women’s Apparel. It’s unclear how “apparel” and “women’s apparel” are divided, but the fact that it’s at the top of this list should be a wake-up call for anyone considering selling clothing online. Even if you want to sell clothes for men and kids, it may be smarter to focus on women for the most part, because it seems like that’s where the money is.

So there you have it – the top 10 products to sell online as of January of this year. This is a constantly changing list, though, so stay tuned to the SheepBuy blog for future updates on what’s selling.